Why Furbo Should Replace Your Home Monitor
May 04, 2018

Home monitors have become a necessity for those of us who often need to leave the house and our little furry friends for a while. Although this temporary solution works well enough, there are better ways to keep dogs safe and remain in touch with them, even if you are gone for a fairly long time.

Regular home monitors can kind of show what your pet is up to, but they can’t provide a sense of your presence, feed them, play with them or adjust to both of your needs. Of course, you only want the best for your life companion, still many get lost in the numerous pricey options.

However, there is a cost-effective solution that will keep your loved ones safe and entertained while saving those special moments only for you. Have you heard of Furbo?

Award-Winning Design 


Unlike standard home monitors, Furbo is designed in such a way that you will never feel that you are being watched – it blends in your home design quite easily, the camera itself is positioned at the top of the device, making it stand out from other, standard “home monitors”.

Apart from many useful features that will be mentioned further down the line, Furbo is an award-winning electrical appliance with the first treat-popping design that takes care of your little furballs in real time. Every concern related to the puppies being home all by themselves is put at ease through the interactive camera and the ability to take care of them at all times.

In addition, a bamboo wooden cover is designed to provide extra security from dog games, so you will not have to worry about breaking it or hurting themselves, as they can’t make any mess – except chewing on other stuff around the house. Furthermore, the overall design of the Furbo uses white color and the wood-grained cap used, which do not look or feel plastic, making Furbo easily blend in your home design.

Interactive Structure 

The age of just monitoring your dog and not being able to make a connection is over. Besides live streaming HD videos with a 720p camera and a night vision option, Furbo has a high-quality microphone which works as a 2-way audio service, and its built-in speaker, with the option of customizing snack calls, allows for a mutual remote interaction with dogs.

Another way of letting your dog know that you are near is through soothing colors. Furbo’s light indicator uses blue and yellow, the colors dogs can see, so that you can get their attention by simply opening the app.

Additional features allow you to film your lovable little creatures or snatch a few adorable photos that you can share online later on.   

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Remote Training 


Do you by any chance want to treat your fuzzy smarty-pants? Well, you should – they deserve it! With Furbo comes a special indulgence – interactive treat tossing! With a 30 piece capacity for the treats of your own choosing, Furbo simulates real human-dog relations with a unique “clicking” sound before tossing the delicacies. This grants you the opportunity to play with your puppy while teaching it a trick or two.

The method of using a sound to train your dog is part of the clicker training process. Dogs can learn at any age based on this scientifically proven technique and they certainly love it! Whether you have an old dog or a new puppy waiting for you back at home, you can train them no matter the distance.    

Barking Alert 

Know when your dog needs attention! Instead of constantly wondering about what they’re up to and looking at those sad puppy eyes over the monitor, you can always calm them down with smart Furbo technology.

Furbo has a built-in sensor for catching any barking sound. The sensor is extremely sensitive to the sounds of barking and provides the most accurate alerts, which are immediately sent to you via push notifications.


If you have your doubts about the accuracy of the alerts, you shouldn’t, as anyone can adjust barking sensitivity according to pet’s bark volume. Though the best part is the ability to calibrate natural environment audio to eliminate background noise and identify only the sounds of your dog.

You will know in real time if he misses you or is announcing possible intruders. Your irreplaceable buddy and home will be safe and protected while Furbo is on the lookout. Also, with a unique Smart Privacy mode feature, Furbo will automatically shut off when you come home when your smartphone connects to the same WiFi network that Furbo is connected to.

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Dogs Have Chosen Furbo 


After spending a lot of time talking to dog parents, professional trainers, and researchers, an idea for a perfect way to stay close to our furry friends started brewing. Furbo was designed thanks to the enormous love our pets give us, so its main objective is to keep them happy while providing owners a chance to stay close, follow their pet’s fun home alone time, and remain present in their daily activities.

Our dogs need us more than we need them. The unconditional love they give us every day can never be replaced with a toy. That is why Furbo is more than a toy – it is a tool that keeps the two of you closer than ever! This device is perfectly designed for accurately mimicking your presence and will replace any pet babysitter, as no one can take care of your dog better than you.   


Furbo addresses the things dogs really want you to provide:

  • Safe and comfortable environment
  • Exercise and play
  • Live contact
  • Sweet treats
  • Training and reward

Dogs can now feel the love by interacting with their owners through play and training. This interesting gadget is both a lovely piece of home décor and a great way to satisfy all of the pet requirements.

Recommended by Dog Parents Around the World


This impressive gadget looks after our pups while giving us the chance to watch over them in real time. All the stress and guilt over leaving the dog alone are washed away by numerous features that come with Furbo.

Just take a look at the reviews and many satisfied customers – Furbo is a great piece of smart technology that allows you to improve the lifestyle and changing it for the better. In addition to reviews from customers, Furbo is featured as best of tech on Instyle, won best pet camera on The Pet God, and received 5 out of 5 stars on BestPetCam.com. Whether you choose to train your puppy with a unique sound, play for a while, treat them, watch over them even during the night, speak to them, take a picture or record your dog, Furbo is here for you. Don’t believe it? Try it. 


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