Dog Sitter v.s. Dog Walker
May 27, 2021

We’ve all seen it before. Those puppy eyes your dog gives you when you’re about to leave them at home for work. You don’t want to leave your buddy home alone all day. You might have tried hiring a dog walker so your dog can have some exercise while you’re gone. If you have a bit more budget, you might have tried a dog sitter so your pup can have all the attention they need. In today’s day and age, there are plenty of options to keep your dog safe and happy when you’re away, so how do you pick?

We’ve listed out a few ways you can keep your dog safe and happy when you’re away.

Dog walker taking a pack of dog on a walk outside


Dog Walker 

A Dog Walker is usually a person or a service where someone comes to your home and takes your dog on a walk. They usually walk with a pack of dogs or your pup may be accompanied by just the walker. The length of the walk is highly dependent on your pup’s need as some dogs require more or less exercise than others. Some popular dog walking services include Rover, Wag, Barkly Pets, and Petbacker. If those services are not available in your region you can also try craigslist as some dog walkers list their service there.

No matter the breed of your dog, it’s crucial that they get plenty of exercise as well as potty breaks throughout the day for good health. If you have to leave your dog at home alone throughout the day, it might be a good idea to hire a dog walker so your dog can have the exercise they need.


  • Your dog gets to interact with other dogs if it’s a pack walk
  • Your pet gets all the exercise and outdoor potty breaks they need
  • Hiring a dog walker is more affordable than sending your dog to doggie daycare or hiring a dog sitter.
  • Combined walking and sitting service 


  • You would have to trust your dog walker to take good care of your dog out when out for the walk 
  • If your dog does not do well with other dogs, you might want to splurge for a 1:1 dog walker 
  • You have to trust your dog walker enough to entrust them with the keys to your home (if the walker is picking up your dog when you’re at work) 
Two large dogs sitting on a grey couch


Dog Sitter 

You might consider a dog sitter if you want your pup to receive some extra care while you’re gone. Like a babysitter, a dog sitter will come to your home to provide 1:1 care service for your pup. Alternatively, you can also drop off your pooch at your dog sitter’s house if that is your preference. Hiring a dog sitter is another way to keep your dog safe and happy while you’re gone. 


  • 1:1 attention for your dog 
  • Your dog can stay in the safety and comfort of its own home
  • The sitter can also look after your home while you’re gone 
  • Less risk of catching diseases from outside environment or other animals  


  • Your pet may not bond with the sitter well and experience separation anxiety without you there
  • It can be expensive to hire a dog sitter every day 
  • Leaving your dog with a stranger for an entire day can be daunting 
  • Having a stranger in your home be weird if you do not trust the dog sitter


Furbo Dog Nanny (FDN)  

Furbo Dog Nanny is a service that uses AI technology to keep your dog safe and happy when you’re away. The Furbo Dog Camera alone allows you to see, talk, and play with your furry buddy. When you subscribe to the Furbo Dog Nanny, you will receive more dog monitoring features such as smart alerts, cloud recordings, and doggie diary! If you’d like a long-term economical solution, you have to give the Furbo Dog Nanny a try. Never miss a precious moment of your pooch! 

Beagle dog sniffing the Furbo Dog Camera


  • A long-term solution to keep your dog safe and happy at home alone
  • See, talk, and play with your dog anytime, anywhere
  • Receive emergency alerts such as fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms 
  • Receive smart alerts when a person comes into the camera frame or when your dog is active
  • Get notifications when your dog is barking or whining for a continuous period 


  • The Furbo Dog Nanny is not a human and won’t be able to give your dog any cuddles, kisses, or outdoor walks  
  • You might be tempted to check on your pet every second of the day 
  • Furbo Dog Nanny must be paired with the Furbo Dog Camera 
  • While the Furbo Dog Camera has a wide 160° angle there may still be blindspots if you allow your dog to roam free in your house 

Life is too short to spend a minute away from your loving pup. If you must, there are many options out there to keep your dog safe and happy when you’re away. Find the right one, and both you and your dog will reap the benefits.