How to Keep Your Dog Safe When Home Alone
May 04, 2018

If you had your way, you would probably stay home with your dog all day long. Unfortunately, duty calls and it sometimes becomes necessary to leave your dog at home alone. Not only can leaving your dog behind make you sad, but it can make your dog sad as well. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety which can cause them to become extremely stressed – some dogs even hurt themselves as they engage in destructive behavior. If you want to make sure that your dog is safe when you can’t be home with him, there are some simple things you can do to keep him calm and busy until you return. Keep reading to find out what they are! 

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1. Provide Interactive Toys

French Bull dog puppy playing toy

Interactive dog toys come in all shapes and sizes but they are all designed to do one thing – to keep your dog active and engaged. Some interactive toys consist of bones or balls that you can stuff with your dog’s favorite treat and others take the shape of game boards that challenge your dog’s cognitive abilities. Interactive toys help to distract your dog while you leave the house which this helps to reduce separation anxiety. Interactive toys also ensure that your dog will be kept busy during your absence so he has less opportunity to get into trouble. Do your research first to find durable and safe toys according to your dog's size, activity level and play style.

2. Go for a Walk Before You Leave

    French bull dog and a woman in a walk at park

    In many cases, dogs become destructive out of boredom or from lack of exercise. One of the best ways to prevent your dog from becoming destructive while he’s home alone is to take him for a nice long walk before you leave. If you can tire your dog out a little bit before you leave home, he’ll spend most of the time you are gone resting.

    3. Monitor Your Dog with a Pet Camera

    A person using Furbo to watch her furbaby on a phone screen monitor

    Even when you can’t be home to comfort your dog, you can still be there for him using a pet camera like Furbo Dog Camera. Not only does this camera allow you to check in on your dog, but you can actually interact with him as if you were home. Pet camera allows you to access live streaming video of your dog simply by opening up the smartphone app and activating the camera. Not only can you view live footage of your dog, but you can capture photo or video to share with friends and family. With a two-way audio feature, an interactive pet camera allows you to speak to your dog and you can even hear what he barks back. You can even toss him treats with the tap of a button!

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    4. Hire a Pet Sitter

    Woman holding a sleeping french bull dog puppy

    If you plan to be gone for more than a couple of hours, you might want to consider hiring a pet sitter to check in on your dog. Pet sitters provide a wide range of services from simple check-ins and feedings to daily walks and training sessions. When you have to be away from home for the entire day, having a pet sitter stop in halfway through the day can help to ease your dog’s anxiety and a midday walk will help to keep him from becoming bored and destructive.

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    5. Crating Your Dog (or Not?)

    Many dog owners crate their dogs while they are home alone to prevent them from getting into trouble. If you feel bad about crating your dog, there are some other things you can do. Providing your dog with some interactive toys can help to keep him busy and you can monitor him with a pet camera to make sure he is safe. If you prefer not to crate your dog, you might still want to think about using dog pens and gates to confine him to a certain area, so he doesn’t have as many chances to get into trouble.

    Dog looking out of the window

    It is unfortunate but true that your dog can’t follow you everywhere – sometimes you simply have to leave him at home. Just because you are leaving your dog, however, doesn’t mean that you have to leave him completely alone. A few interactive toys can help to keep him busy while a pet camera allows you to check in and soothe your dog if he gets upset. By following the tips above you can ensure that your dog stays safe and happy at home, even when you aren’t there.

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