Every element of Furbo is designed for dogs

Alleviate separation anxiety

Furbo can help alleviate separation anxiety in home-alone dogs! Be notified about how your dog is doing via Furbo’s Smart Alerts, toss a treat to brighten their day, and talk to them via 2-way audio.

Fun treat tossing

Similar to the clicker training, Furbo makes a “clicking” sound before tossing a treat. It helps your dog establish a positive feeling towards Furbo. You can use treat tossing as a distraction for situations like anxious pacing, licking or barking or as a reward for good behavior.

Real-time barking alerts

No more complaints from neighbors! Furbo can detect your dog barking and alert you on your phone. You can adjust the sensitivity of the barking sensor.

A.I. dog detection technology

Furbo Dog Nanny’s A.I. technology can tell the difference between a human and dog, as well as detect what your dog is doing. It helps watch over your dog and alert you of important dog-related events.

Colors your dog can see

Furbo’s light indicator uses the colors dog can see - yellow and blue.
Interactive Mode
Sleep Mode
Recommended by vets and dog trainers
Recommended by
vets and dog trainers
“The most common accident that happens to home-alone dogs is eating or chewing something they’re not supposed to. Furbo’s Dog Activity Alert and Cloud Recording videos can be beneficial for catching it quickly and being able to stop further ingestion and possible harm to the pet.”
- Dr. Curtis, house-call vet
“Furbo Dog Camera can alleviate separation anxiety in dogs and improve the quality of your dog’s life.”
- Zak George, professional dog trainer
Furbo Dog Camera
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