Furbo Dog Nanny keeps your dog safe with Smart Alerts and Cloud Recording Videos
Unlike other cameras that send you general motion and sound alerts, Furbo only notifies you of important dog-related events.
What is Furbo Dog Nanny?
Enjoy Furbo Dog Camera’s basic features or subscribe to the Furbo Dog Nanny service to access more features. It’s an OPTIONAL subscription service. Every camera comes with a 90-day FREE TRIAL that you can cancel anytime.
Basic Furbo Dog Camera With Furbo Dog Nanny
1080p Full HD
2-Way Audio
Treat Tossing
Barking Alert
Photo & Video
Cloud Recording
(24 hours event-based)
Doggie Diary
Dog Activity Alert
Dog Selfie Alert
Person Alert
Home Emergency Alert
(Smoke/CO alarm sound)
new Continuous Barking Alert
new Dog Crying Alert
new Dog Howling Alert
Dog Emergency Alert
Coming Soon!
Every Furbo comes with a 90-day free trial of Furbo Dog Nanny. Once it expires, you can extend your Furbo Dog Nanny for just 99¢ for 3 months, then it's only $8.99/month or $89/year.
Real-Time Smart Alerts
Know exactly what’s going on at home and be alerted of emergencies in real time.
Dog Activity
Dog Selfie
Home Emergency Alert
Real-Time Smart Alerts
Know exactly what’s going on at home and be alerted of emergencies in real time.
Cloud Recording
Play back the important moment you missed
Furbo detects and records video clips of important dog-related events. Learn what triggers your dog to bark or find out who was the naughty one that chewed up your socks. Download and save the videos to your phone.
activity alert iphonex iphonex
Doggie Diary
See Your Dog's Day in 60 Seconds
Furbo captures adorable moments in your dog’s day and creates a highlight video, saving you time from sorting through hours of video recordings.
doggie-diary-video doggie-diary-iphonex
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Always Getting Smarter
Furbo’s dog recognition technology is A.I.-powered, so it is always getting smarter. The more Furbo learns about your dog’s patterns and behavior, the smarter it gets in notifying you of important events about your dog.
"Furbo saved my dog's life!"
Furbo saved my dog from a fire!
Kato wouldn’t be alive today if I wasn’t alerted!
- Kato's loving dog mom
Someone broke into our house! Furbo’s person alert notified us and helped the police catch him. I’m so glad my furbaby is safe.
- Dexter, loving dog mom
Furbo’s Dog Activity Alert notified me my dog was chewing on a razor with 3 blades on it.
- Kristy, loving dog mom