Our mission is to keep
dogs safe and happy
dogs saved
Furbo's features are designed specifically to keep dogs safe when they are home alone. This year, Furbo has helped save 1001 dogs’ lives.
Home Emergency Alerts
Save Dogs from Fires and Injuries
Furbo uses AI technology to detect when a smoke alarm goes off, or a glass breaking sound and send you real-time Home Emergency Alerts.
Furbo saved my dog from a fire!
I recently purchased my Furbo because my baby Kato broke his leg ...read more
- Kato’s loving dog mom
Receiving Furbo's alerts is crucial. Being there on time saves lives. We're lucky Hera's okay, just minor injuries. Pups push the limits and ...read more
- Loving dog dad, Abel Goldfarb
Furbo saved my dog from carbon monoxide poisoning!
I kept getting Barking Alert notifications ...read more
- Kobe's loving dog mom
Person Alerts
Save Dogs from Intruders
Stranger danger! Furbo's Smart Detection Technology can tell the difference between a dog and a person. Receive Person Alerts when Furbo spots someone in your home. Make sure no one other than people you trust is with your dog.
Furbo’s Person Alert caught an intruder in my house and the Cloud Recording videos helped the police catch him ...read more
- Dexter’s loving dog mom
Furbo’s Person Alert notified us someone broke into our house! ...read more
- Kelly, loving dog mom
Thanks to Furbo’s Person Alert and Cloud Recording videos I was able to catch the girl who BROKE INTO MY HOME and ROBBED ME! ...read more
- Crystal, loving dog mom
Dog Activity Alerts
Save Dogs from Emergencies
Anything can happen to your dogs when they’re home alone. When Furbo detects dog movements, it will send you Dog Activity Alerts. Be alerted of emergencies in real time.
Furbo’s Dog Activity Alert notified me my dog was CHEWING ON A RAZOR with 3 BLADES on it! ...read more
- Kristy, loving dog mom
Today Furbo’s alert saved my dog’s life! ...read more
- Leia’s loving dog mom
Furbo saved my puppy from potentially injuring herself!
...read more
- Haylee, loving dog mom
How You Helped Us to Keep EVERY DOG happy and safe in 2020
Furbo Tiny House For Homeless Dog
A tiny house built just for senior dog Nemo
Giving Back To Our Medical Heroes
Helping frontlines heroes stay connected to their pups while they’re away fighting for us
A Gift To Foster & Adoptive Families
Furbo helps pups get adjusted to their new homes
Sponsoring Shelter Dogs Around the World
Working with the Humane Society and other global partners to keep every dog HAPPY and SAFE