510 dogs lives saved — and counting!
Furbo's features are designed specifically to keep dogs safe when they are home alone. It has saved over 500 dogs' lives!
Furbo's Barking Alerts Save Dogs from Fires and Gas Leaks
When Furbo detects dog barking or howling, it will send you real-time Barking Alerts. You can check in to find out what’s happening at home.
Furbo saved my dog from a fire!
I recently purchased my Furbo because my baby Kato broke his leg ...read more
- Kato’s loving dog mom
Furbo’s Barking Alert saved my dog from carbon monoxide poisoning!
I kept getting Barking Alert notifications ...read more
- Kobe's loving dog mom
Furbo’s Barking Alert saved our mini Goldendoodle from a fire!
Furbo sent us Barking Alerts to let us know ...read more
- Mooser's loving dog mom
Furbo's Person Alerts Save Dogs from Intruders
Stranger danger! Furbo can differentiate between a dog and a person. Receive Person Alerts and ensure no one other than people you trust is with your dog.
Furbo’s Person Alert caught an intruder in my house and the Cloud Recording videos helped the police catch him ...read more
- Dexter’s loving dog mom
Furbo’s Person Alert notified us someone broke into our house! ...read more
- Kelly, loving dog mom
Thanks to Furbo’s Person Alert and Cloud Recording videos I was able to catch the girl who BROKE INTO MY HOME and ROBBED ME! ...read more
- Crystal, loving dog mom
Furbo's Dog Activity Alerts Save Dogs from Emergencies
Anything can happen to your dogs when they’re home alone. Furbo detects dog movements and sends you Dog Activity Alerts. Be alerted of emergencies in real time.
Furbo’s Dog Activity Alert notified me my dog was CHEWING ON A RAZOR with 3 BLADES on it! ...read more
- Kristy, loving dog mom
Today Furbo’s alert saved my dog’s life! ...read more
- Leia’s loving dog mom
Furbo saved my puppy from potentially injuring herself!
...read more
- Haylee, loving dog mom
Furbo Dog Camera keeps dogs safe & happy!

What pawrents are saying on Amazon.
amazon-head Christopher
stars Verified Purchase
stars Great for keeping track of your pup while at work
Verified Purchase
After purchasing this as a gift previously, I finally got around to purchasing this for myself, and boy was that a good decision! My dog loves it, and it's extremely comforting knowing that my dog is safe at home while I'm away at work!
amazon-head Elizabeth
stars Verified Purchase
stars One Happy Dog Mom
Verified Purchase
I have 7 dogs and most are seniors, so I need to know what is going on throughout the day in case someone is sick. Furbo is PAWSOME! I love the clarity and I know what is going on with the notifications to my phone. I can see them anytime I want and see that they are OK! Peace of mind is everything!