Hot Weather Tips: How to Cool Down a Fluffy Dog
Aug 23, 2018

Summer is an amazing time for both pups and their humans. There is so much to do, and your dog will probably be as happy as can be to join you in all your fun summer activities. But if you have a fluffy pooch covered in fur, you may be concerned about them overheating. Although dogs have natural ways to cool down, like panting, you still need to protect your pet when temperatures soar.

Some of the fluffiest dogs are those who originally come from cooler climates and have lovely double coats of fur. You can recognize them by the thick tufts of hair they shed when the weather warms up in the springtime. This includes your:

  • Aussies
  • Collies
  • German Shepherds
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Huskies
  • Malamutes
  • Sheepdogs
  • Pomeranians
  • Mastiffs
  • Spitz
  • Terrier types
  • Among many others

As the weather starts heating up, here are some tips on how to keep your fluffy pet cool:

1. Grooming Advice

You may think that shaving your thick-haired furbaby is the best way to keep them cool. But actually, their fur is a sort of natural insulation for those hot summer months. As they shed their thick, winter undercoat, the topcoat remains. It allows fresh air to reach your dog's skin, while at the same time protecting them from the elements like harmful UV rays and bug bites.

There are some grooming habits, however, that will help you keep your pup cool:

  • As your dog sheds, brush them every day to help them drop their fluffy undercoat
  • Shave or trim your dog if their fur is one inch or longer or if they have a single layer coat
  • Keep your dog's fur free from mats and knots
  • Check for hot spots, or skin irritation caused by the heat, and treat as necessary

keep dog groomed

2. Water, Water and More Water

A dog's mouth is the main place they regulate body temperature. That's why when your dog gets overheated, they pant. You can help keep them cool by offering lots of water. Bring a collapsible dog bowl on your walks or during any outdoor adventures. If you notice your dog is still hot at home, add ice cubes for a refreshing drink.

3. Take a Dip

swim with your dog

Summer is the perfect time to take your dog for a swim. Whether it's a lake or the beach, your dog will love a refreshing cool down and the fun exercise. Even if you're not near a body of water, you may want to consider getting them a kiddie pool for your backyard. And if all else fails, bring out the hose for some fun in the water.

4. Choose Your Exercise Times Wisely

When it's a hot and humid afternoon, your pup is bound to get as hot as you are. If you're going to take your dog out for a run or playtime at the dog park, consider the early or later hours of the day. Not only will it be cooler, but there will be less chance of your pooch burning their paws on the hot asphalt.

5. Make Sure There's Shade

keep dog in shade

If you are going out with your dog during the day or if you have a backyard for your pup to play in, make sure there's plenty of shade. This will allow your doggie to cool off if they need a break. Trees will do, but if you don't have any, maybe invest in a shade screen or put up a tarp. Dog houses don't allow airflow and can become stifling during the hottest part of the day.

6. Keep Your Home Cool

Even if you're not home, you may want to keep the A/C on or a fan running for your dog. If they seem to be overheated, allow them access to your home's tile or wood floors. Hot dogs love to rest their bellies on these cool surfaces.

7. Make Some Chilly Treats

Who doesn't love a frigid treat on a hot day? Dogs enjoy cooling down with a chilly treat as much as we do. There are tons of frozen goodies they'll love. Pup ice pops, ice cubes with doggie treats inside and even frozen green beans make a delicious chilly snack. You can even fill and freeze their favorite chew toy with peanut butter.

keep pups safe

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