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Ever Seen a Tiny House for a Dog? Check This Out!
It’s not easy being a senior shelter dog. Senior shelter dogs only have a 20% adoption rate, versus the 65% adoption rate of puppies. But sometimes a hero steps in, and this time it’s Rocky Kanaka! Rocky works with an organization called Reversed Rescue, and since Furbo is all about keeping dogs safe and happy, we sponsored Rocky to build tiny houses to help these dogs have a great life in foster care. 
Yahoo Finance: The $63 billion pet market is seeing its own tech boom
The American Pet Products Association estimates that we will spend $62.75b on our pets this year. The most popular pet is the dog—there’s one in 52 million homes. Those homes will spend an average $1,641 per year on one dog. And big companies like Mars Inc., the private candy giant that does $33 billion in annual revenue, are taking note.
The First Treat-Tossing Dog Camera, Furbo, Launches to Let Parents and Pups Stay Together Anywhere
Furbo is the first dog camera to include a treat-tossing feature, which allows pups and parents to play from anywhere – relieving parents’ concerns about their dogs being home alone.
5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Occupied All Winter Long
Winter can be tough on our dogs - gone are the days spent frolicking in the sunshine-coated fields. Instead, pups will be lucky if they can convince their owners to trudge out to the dog park in the freezing temps. 
Can You Leave a Dog Alone Overnight?
Can you leave a dog alone overnight? There are times you may not be able to be at home at night. When contemplating whether or not to leave your dog alone overnight, consider the following: 
What to Do When Your Dog Gets Sprayed by a Skunk
Unfortunately, because skunks get so close, they can sometimes tango with your furbaby. Often, they’re not especially afraid of dogs and other animals, which is why many a dog gets sprayed by a skunk. It’s a difficult situation, especially when you see those puppy eyes — and then that smells hits you!