Ever Seen a Tiny House for a Dog? Check This Out!
Dec 30, 2020

It’s not easy being a senior shelter dog. Senior shelter dogs only have a 20% adoption rate, versus the 65% adoption rate of puppies. But sometimes a hero steps in, and this time it’s Rocky Kanaka! Rocky works with an organization called Reversed Rescue, and since Furbo is all about keeping dogs safe and happy, we sponsored Rocky to build tiny houses to help these dogs have a great life in foster care. Take a look!

These are no simple doghouses! Rocky’s built real tiny houses with sitting areas, furniture, and everything that a dog would have in his forever home. This helps the dogs get used to a home environment, and keeps them comfy in the meantime. 

And of course, the Furbo inside the house lets Rocky keep an eye on the dogs when he isn’t around - and lets him give the pups yummy treats for reassurance. 

We’re collaborating with Rocky and other organizations to help rehome 1,001 dogs by the end of 2020. Be sure to check out his organization, and the ways that Furbo can help you take care of your pup as well: www.reversedrescue.com